The Northern Renaissance

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Northern Renaissance




  • fashion gave the people cross culteral influences from people like the Turks
  • knitting machine braught new advances for knitting stockings
  • spanish work, an intricate type of embroidery, was seen on chemises and mens shirts
  • 16th century-bobbin and needlepoint lace were introduced
  • styles changed more rapidly
  • women wore stomachers that cound be interchanged in the area where the deep V was prominent
  • fullness of the clothing was popular
  • the ruff came into costume which was a large starched collar, seperate from the shirt
  • the stays (forerunner to the corset) was worn by women
  • under and outer dress dilipated while the petticoat came into womens dress for fullness
  • bum rolls, as well as French and Spanish farthingales were devices used to expand the dress and expand width of the waist


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